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Tours at Far Horizon Lodge


Mystical Red Desert Tours

Far Horizon Lodge welcomes guests to the area, to take part in an adventure with a

difference : here is a little known desert nestled within the Umtamvuna Conservancy

area, which has long been known to locals of Banners Rest, but not generally

known to the broader public. The few guests who have taken the plunge and

walked with us from the lodge, to the Red Desert site, have been overwhelmed

by the experience. (We have included a few of these intrepid travelers blogs)

The walks/tours include a walk of approximately 2km from Far Horizon Lodge, along

the Old Pont Road, down a narrow pathway, which opens up onto the savanna

grass land area of the conservancy area, as one clears the trees, the Red

Desert dunes appear in front of you. Climbing up the steep incline, and

reaching the top, one looks over the most amazing site, known as the Red

Desert (the smallest desert in the world) walk a little further in, and the strangest

sounds emanate from the dunes, the wind whistles, and the sound is quite

eerie as there are no birds or any other creature making any sound at all.

It is almost as one has passed through a portal into another dimension,

peaceful and quite.


Fossils have been found that date back millions of years, to a time when

dinosaurs roamed the South Coast. There is an area between the Old Ponto

land (Eastern Cape) and further inland, that was ideal cattle country, during

the 1800 century, (colonies) the Xhosa tribes, grazed their cattle in this large

savannah grassland area, and it is possible (speculation only) that the area

where the Red Desert is currently situated was overgrazed leading to

densification. I personally do not believe this it is more probably a

naturally occurring phenomenon, and geographical in nature. Never the less,

it is one of the most spectacular viewing areas over the sea, and the

Umtamvuna River mouth. This is a rare treat for those intrepid travelers, and

not to be missed.

The Umtamvuna conservancy area, is also ideal to take a leisurely hike,

over the savanna grasslands, and take in the views of the ocean, as well as

another jewel of the area, The Cascades, (made popular by the filming of

the movie Blood Diamond) where after a long hike, up and down hills,

an oasis of waterfalls, streams and natural beauty opens up in front of the

visitor. There is an abundance of bird life in the area, and an ideal spot

to relax, before heading off again, through the savanna grass lands, and

back to the lodge.

We are offering a package deal, for those intrepid visitors, who would like

to take the opportunity of visiting these wonderful spots, the rate includes

guided tour, breakfast on Saturday morning, packaged lunch, and evening

meal (after the long walk), as well as accommodation. R450.00 per person

per night sharing.

We do cater for large or small groups, and is an ideal getaway weekend,

for companies, and individuals alike.

Please join us for a relaxing and informative weekend.

Should you wish to arrange a tour/hike of any of these sites, please

feel free to contact William Sharp at 0825513736 or email

Red Desert: Worlds smallest desert
Red Desert in Port Edward is (claimed) the smallest desert in the world.

It is just 200 meters in diameter, forming a near perfect circle in the

middle of a lush, green area of KwaZulu Natal. Very strange indeed!

This had lead some to believe that aliens must have landed here,

and the pollution from the circular space ship caused instant desertification


Locals tell a different story however, of a time long ago when a small

village lived on this land, and kept the cattle in a confined space for

long periods, thus forcing them to eat everything in sight, and trample

the ground, starting the desertification process. Personally I find this

quite hard to believe, as when you are there in person its clear to see this

is far more than merely compressed soil. This is a REAL desert, tiny that

it may be. Whatever you choose to believe caused the worlds smallest

desert, the virtual tour will give you some more insight into this

phenomenon. Enjoy!



Recycling Tours:


Join us on a tour of the recycling plant, located at Far Horizon Eco Lodge,

where we shall show you how the waste from the lodge is classified, and

processed.  Please fill out the booking form found on the site to make






2 Hour walk R50.00 pp

4 Hour walk R100.00 pp

Picnic in the Red Desert (by arrangement only with minimum of 10 in the

group) R150.00 including a ice cold refreshment and snacks.


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